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Leader in immunological research and development(R&D) of active autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE, for cancer after-care, as also against auto-immune-diseases, and for prevention as well.  AHICE uses the complex totality of immune response working substances, targeted selective against the recognized altered body cells pathologically, autologous synthesised.


 Product 1


Active autologous cancer immunotherapy, autologous cancer vaccine  AHICE, targeted against

► differentiated body-cells pathologically (e.g. cancer, auto-immune diseases etc.) basically,

► for cancer-after-care, and for

► prevention.

Special case 2

immunotherapy ahice of peritoneal-cancer

Special case 3

Immunotherapy AHICE of Colon Cancer


Special case 4

immunotherapy ahice of pancreatic cancer


Special case 5

Immunotherapy of Breast Cancer

a. o.



Advanced training seminars.

1. Introductory seminar in aseptic aseptic work, clean room, cell cultures,

2. Aseptic pharmaceutical processing for use on humans, good manufacturing practice GMP guideline rules / EC, German drug and active ingredient manufacturing regulation AMWHV, theory and practice.

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