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K-BIO Institute for Cellbiotechnology and Immunology GmbH

Leader in immunological research and development(R&D) of active autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE, and for  after-care, as also against auto-immune-diseases, and for prevention as well,  by means of use the complex totality of autologous synthesised, human immune response working substances, targeted selective against the recognized altered body cells pathologically - won out of patients own blood.


 Product 1


Active autologous cancer immunotherapy, autologous cancer vaccine  AHICE, targeted against

► differentiated body-cells pathologically (e.g. cancer, auto-immune diseases etc.) basically,

► for cancer-after-care, and for

► prevention.

Special case 2

immunotherapy ahice of peritoneal-cancer

Special case 3

Immunotherapy AHICE of Colon Cancer


Special case 4

immunotherapy ahice of pancreatic cancer


Special case 5

Immunotherapy of Breast Cancer

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