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Authors: J. Anthopoulos¹, K.-H. Regele²

¹K-BIO, Institute for cell biotechnology and immunology GmbH, Gröbenzell, Germany,

² Medical Ordination for Immunotherapy, Danzigerst. 1, Groebenzell, Germany(till 2011)


Summary, Prologe



Autologous Cancer Immunotherapy AHICE is a specific anti-tumour active immunological treatment. The main target of this autologous (⇒from donor´s blood specimen, body´s own immune system synthesised reacting agents in his original plasma) immunotherapy is to make possible the discovering, recognition, identification and elimination of altered pathologically but masked shape of cancer cells, because of them escape mechanisms ⇒ de-masking.

After de-masking biochemically of the isolated cancer cells (patent) they became recognisable by body´s own(⇒autologous) immune system, followed by the spontaneous immune response.

The following apoptotic-death of the so recognized tumour cells is succeeded via antigen specific activation of Natural Killer Cells (NKC´s), which is controlled via the complex totality of autologous synthesised immune-response reacting agents.

CASE: Peritoneal Cancer with multifocal metastases

In this publication we present a rare and very interesting case of a 48 years old female with multifocal peritoneal cancer, diagnosis (MRI) on January 2004. In the following their surgical removal was tried in February 2004, however without success. A performed cycle of chemotherapy was stopped because of the enormous side effects followed. Immunotherapy AHICE treatment was started in March 2004. In June 2004, at the end of 1st. AHICE treatment, MRI/CT of abdomen showed being completely missing of any tumours, neoplasies.

Until now the MRI´s/CT´s of abdomen showed no one tumour, neoplasiesremission!

The patient has the rather best life quality till now.

Estimations of cytokines concentrations(IFN-γ, TNF-α) in the final blood processing showed significant rises over 200% after the spontaneous autologous immune response in respect of blood plasma concentrations before AHICE treatment.

Possibly, this significant concentration increasing of cytokines can serve as sign of a prosperous tumour-cell specific immune-response, as we have observed till now. This phenomenon can also be used as a positive prognostic marker for a successful immunological treatment. 

In conclusion we address the effectiveness of immunotherapy AHICE for multiregional recurrence cases of peritoneal cancer patients.

It must be emphasized that for statistical verification, as many cases as similar as possible must be taken into account. For this purpose, medical institutions are cordially invited to carry out corresponding clinical studies together.


Keywords: Cancer, Immunotherapy, autologous vaccine AHICE.

Introduction: AHICE is the specific activation of patient’s immune system against the de-masked tumour-cell surface antigens via application the complex totality of autologous immune-response active agents in autologous plasma (K-BIO patent).         

AHICE, as a special kind of hemodialysis in vitro, eliminates the escape mechanisms out of the surface of recognised cancer-cells.

These escape mechanisms are basically the cause, why cancer is getting established in the organism parallel to the existence of a healthy immune system.

After AHICE-elimination of these escape-mechanisms, or de-masking of the tumour-cells, the autologous immune system is then able to recognise spontaneously them, as pathologically altered and non histocompatible cells. After that the immune system begins to fight them up to their apoptotic death.

The following micro-photographs visualise the immune-response-process after AHICE-elimination of the escape-mechanisms at the isolated tumour-cells and re-incubation with the whole autologous immune system in autologous plasma.



The neutral behaviour or Immune-Tolerance of the immune competent cells against the autologous cancer cells had in this example attests the escape mechanisms about the disguise of them cell surface and therefore about them fatal effect.


Applicability of AHICE.

Auto-Immune-Diseases (rheumatoid arthritis etc.).

All kinds of malignant Tumours (exceptions: Leukaemia / Lymphoma, astrocytoma, brain tumours) with:

♦  Primary tumour which is inoperable,

♦  A tumour-residual or a local rezidive,

♦  Metastatic tumours,

♦  Positive tumour-markers.

In the cases of: Bronchial-Ca. (small cell-type), primary mamma-Ca., thyroid gland-Ca., germ cell-Ca. should performed at first a conservative oncological therapy (chemo-, or/and radio-, or/and surgical therapy) before the application of AHICE-treatment. In these cases the patient’s immune-system is strongly suppressed, depending on the scheme and duration of chemo-, or / and radio-therapy, so a curative outcome can not guaranteed at all.

Prerequisite for autologous immunotherapy AHICE and results.

An absolute prerequisite for the blood processing for immunotherapy AHICE is an unsupprimed immune system of the patient - minimum 1700 lymphocytes/µl peripheral blood and an index T4/T8-lymphocytes of over 1,5, as also the absence from bone or/and brain metastases - and the "start" of the immunotreatment before the transition of the cancer cell growth up to the exponential phase (logarithmic cell growth).

Resulting from this the immunotherapy outcome has to be expected analogously.

There have been registered several years of rest over-lifetime prolongations in clinical studies till now. Multi-centre clinical trials are performed till now for statistical verifications of that results.

Nevertheless, for a meaningful statistical analysis of the therapeutic results of this remarkable immunotreatment AHICE, it is necessary to recruit a number as broad as possible of cancer cases staged similarly, according especially their immune-status. which of course satisfy the prerequisites mentioned above. The better and gap-less is furthermore the „feedback “of the therapy accompanied examination-data the better are the statistics.





That through immunotherapy, autologous vaccine AHICE are reached remarkable therapeutic results in vivo, this was already confirmed in 2002 at a metastatic Melanoma, 72-years old man. The Pathology in Essen, Germany proved immune-histological that the operated „bronchial-knots", were massively infiltrated through activated lymphocytes as also resulted macroscopic at 2 of the operated vital "knots" in the K-BIO institute. These sterile native bioptates were sent to K-BIO institute from the surgery Lung-Clinic Bochum, Germany, in RPMI 1640 cell-culture-medium.


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