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Active Immunotherapy of Auto-Immune-Diseases by means of autologous human complete chain of Immune-Mediators / Cytokines and related Effectors in autologous Blood-Plasma, autologous vaccine AHICE

Autologous Immunotherapy of  MORBUS WALDENSTRÖM 

Authors: Hannes Anthopoulos¹, Karl-Heinz Regele², Heribert Wutte³

Address of the author:

¹K-BIO institute for cell-biotechnology and Immunology GmbH, Danzigerstr. 1, D-82194 Gröbenzell, Germany

² Medical ordination for Immunotherapy (2006-2012), Danzigerstr. 1, D-82194 Gröbenzell, Germany

³ Medical ordination for Immunotherapy (2013-2014), Danzigerstr. 1, D-82194 Gröbenzell, Germany



We describe in this scientific work the outstanding therapeutic results of the active immunotherapy AHICE on a case of IgM, κ-chain Paraproteine-producing Morbus Waldenström, via treatment with the autologous immunotherapy AHICE.


Male Patient, 77 years old, came in a forwarded disease stage, significant anaemic - 3,48 x106/µl erythrocytes, 11,40 Hgb. g/dl, 3,70x103/µl leucocytes, 1,91x103/µl lymphocytes, first with 110 g/L IgM paraproteine(!), and his blood plasma was of very thick consistency, due to the immensely high IgM content, as also he showed a distinctive bright skin colouring.

The immunotherapy AHICE was given on his express request and ambulant - infusions and sub cutan injections. No side reactions were recorded.

Already during the 1/3 part of the first AHICE immunotherapy cycle (corresponding to 16 days therapy-period) was found

a significant lowering of  IgM-paraproteine-auto-antibodies down to 63.86 g/L, and showed a significant recovery of his skin colouring as before AHICE-therapy-treatment.

After 7 immunotherapy AHICE cycles, during a period of 16 months of AHICE treatment, we recorded

a maximum lowering of IgM-paraproteine from primarily 110g/L down to 23.75 g/L! That means a reduction down to 1/5 amount of previous IgM plasma concentration, before AHICE immunotherapy treatment. No any immuno-suppriming substances were applicated! No side effects were recorded.

Because of the forwarded disease stage, the negative influence to his liver (⇒ CHE down to 4600 U/L) and increasing anaemia (2,29x106 Erythrocytes, 8,20 g/dl Hgb.) repeated blood infusions were needed, after what, several blood transfusions became necessarily.

Because of this, patient reacted strongly pathologically (icterus, down-stream / destruction of Hgb of Erythrocytes of  Transfusions).


Finally got him in the conservative oncology haematology, a conservative therapy of 1st line, although his Leucocytes were under 2000/µl - at this leukocyte-blood concentration it is not allowed any chemotherapy ⇒ medicinal  failure! Short time (about a half a hour) after that patient fell in the coma and died in the following night!


For statistical Verification, are needed further more cases to examine. In accordance with that, we are searching for co-operative adequate medicinal institutions!


Comment: The autologous human immunotherapy AHICE became developed primarily for the active autologous immunological tumour-therapy and tumour-aftercare. Also in these cancer-therapy-fields, we have recorded remarkable therapy-outcomes.


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