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AUTOLOGOUS CANCER VACCINE AHICE, for Cancer After-Care, against Auto-Immune Diseases, and for prevention.

Autologous cancer vaccine AHICE is advantageous because of the absence of  allergic reactions and carry no risks of viral infection, like Hepatitis B or C or HIV (AIDS), etc..

On the other hand, clinical studies have shown that the autologous cancer vaccine AHICE can successfully fight human pathogenic viruses - for example, successful elimination of HPV cervical infections, which otherwise lead to cervical cancer - testify to the extraordinary effectiveness of the autologous vaccine AHICE.

Autologous cancer vaccine AHICE, is distinguished by its unique target cell specificity and selectivity against cancer- and metastatic-cells.

Explanation, Notice:

Normally, the recognition of cancer cells in vivo by autologous immune system is not possible, because of “escape mechanisms intelligence” of cancer cell DNA (⇒ "masking" or disguise of cell shape to escape any attack from outside, e.g. autologous immune system).


It is therefore absolutely necessary that the "masking" of  cancer cell´s surface is previously being removed / cleaved, to make them"recognisable" by autologous immune system.

Only after this AHICE pre-treatment of isolated cancer cells, body´s own immune system became able to recognise these cancer cells as differentiated pathologically.

This means, that patient’s own immune system will get specific informations of the altered shape(⇒ called morphology ⇒ μορφολογια ⇒ Greek) of cancer cells through AHICE´s special processing(patent).

Studies have shown that this specific “antigen information” is stored in the CD45RO+ lymphocytes.

However, this antigen information is deleted / disappears due to the immunosuppressive effects of analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticoids, cytostatics and cell destruction by the action of high-energy rays!

After autologous cancer vaccine AHICE´s application, body´s immune system starts to kill the so identified cancer cells via antigen specific activation of natural killer cells(NKC´s) and very complex mechanism of programmed cell death, called “apoptosis”, as the

unique intelligent, physiological “antigen-searching and selectively eliminating pharmacon (⇒ medicine)”.


This is a brief explanation of the indescribably complex immune response, which is unique intelligent directed, autonomous and auto-regulating itself, dependent on [kind] and [amount] of identified antigen, highly specific  biochemical / immunological mechanism.

Autologous Cancer Vaccine, Immunotreatment AHICE. Benefits

Highly target cell specificity, provided via the unique “selectivity, detection and apoptotic elimination ability against the recognised antigens of cancer cells, reached by complete “antigen specific” immune-stimulation and attack of patient’s own immune-system.

♦ There are none side effects recorded, because of the autologous production of AHICE.

♦ The in vivo Effectiveness is proved in multicentric clinical trials until now at several carcinomata.

♦ Autologous cancer immunotherapy, autologous cancer vaccine AHICE is applicable on various carcinoma-kinds and -stages (exceptions: leukaemiae / lymphomas).

♦ Autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE can applied also in combination with the conservative tumourtherapy (e.g. radiation- and/or chemotherapy) theoretically, but, it must be emphasised, that the therapeutic effect occurred, may depend upon the high level of suppression of immune system, derived on duration and strength of applied chemotherapy or/and radiation, as this negative effect is very well known. This combination of treatments is therefore contraindicated and not recommended.


♦ Special preparations of immunological blood treatment AHICE against  auto-immune diseases have recorded remarkable results therapeutically also at:

rheumatoid-arthritis, Hashimoto Thyreoiditis, auto-thrombocytopenie, Morbus Waldenström, MS, Morbus Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa and other auto-immune-diseases (clinical trials by named oncological departments of universities).


K-BIO Institute is searching in Immunology/Biochemistry/Cell-Biology/Radio-Biology and is willing to co-operate scientifically with appropriate medicinal institutions, for broader statistical verification of the remarkable clinical AHICE treatment results.


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