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Active immunotherapy of Auto-Immune Diseases by means of the complex totality of autologous synthesised human Immune Response reacting Agents in autologous plasma, autologous vaccine AHICE

Authors: Hannes Anthopoulos ¹, E. Rauchfuß, Luciano Sperzaga



We describe here the outstanding therapeutic results of the active immunotherapy AHICE of auto-immune diseases

a). Hashimoto Thyreoiditis 

- b). rheumatoid arthritis and

- c). multiple sclerosis(MS) 

by treatment with the autologous synthesised complex totality of AHICE immune response working substances - immune-mediators, cytokines, chemokines, colony stimulating factors, specific antibodies against recognized antigens on tumour cell surface and related effectors in autologous plasma.

In case of a): Hashimoto Thyreoiditis:

Female patient, 52 years old, significant Hashimoto thyreoiditis with hyperthyreotic thyroid-hormone-values and auto-antibodies against thyroid gland before AHICE-therapy: anti-TG: 238,0 IU/ ml, anti-TPO: 2194,4 U/ml. 


Already during the 1/3 part of the first AHICE-immunotherapy-cycle (corresponding to 30 days therapy-period) was found a significant lowering of  anti-TPO-auto-antibodies from 2194,4 U/ml down to 1316,0 U/ml!

That therapeutic result means an almost the half of value than that of original concentration of blood plasma before starting AHICE-immunotherapy treatment.

The anti-TG-value was lowered from original level of 238,0 IU/ml down to 106,2 IU/ml!

At the end of the second AHICE immunotherapy-cycle we found a significant lowering of auto-antibody-level from anti-TPO down to 911,0 U/ml! 

That means a significant lowering from the original level down under the half of the origin-value, and from anti-TG a lowering down to 81,2 IU/ml, that means down near to physiological value of 70,0 IU/ ml, as also the absence of symptomatics!


In case of b). Rheumatoid arthritis:

Male patient, 53 years old.

RF-factor was before immunotherapy AHICE at 729 U/ml level.

After the first cycle of immunotherapy AHICE we have found a significant lowering of RF down to 251 IU/ml, that means the reduction of RF down to 34% of origin-value before immunotherapy AHICE, as well as the complete disappearance of auto-antibodies:

The auto-antibodies anti-Mitochondrialae (M1, M2, M4, M9), anti-ENA (anti-RNP, anti-SM, anti-Ro (SS-A), anti-La (SS-B), anti Jo-1, anti SCL-70, anti-SMA 1:40 ⇒ were lowered down to basic-physiological value, and anti-striped musculature < 1:10 ⇒ lowered down to basic-physiological value!


In case of c). Multiple sclerosis(MS):

Female patient 29 years old.

The ANA-Autoantibodies were highly positive 1: 640 before immunotherapy AHICE.

After first immunotherapy cycle AHICE the ANA-Auto-Antibodies have sunk on Titre 1:80, it means some near basic, physiological Value of a titre of 1:40, and the typical multiple Sclerosis symptoms or crises almost have disappeared!

All these excellent therapy results are generally obtained for the first time in the therapy of primary cause of these auto-immune diseases, thanks to unique intelligent, advanced autologous immunotherapy AHICE!

It is remarked, unlike these spectacular therapy successes, that the conservative therapy of auto-immune diseases is primarily aimed at the symptomatics by use of corticoids to  supprimeSyndrome the immune system and thereafter to block it to attack the autologous organism, followed by the well known side effects.

Similar excellent therapeutic results were achieved also at cases of “Guillain-Barre´-Syndroma”, at cases of “Morbus Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa”, and at cases of “Auto-Immune Thrombopeny”, as well as at Morbus Waldenstroem!


The positive therapeutic effect of active immunotherapy AHICE against the primary causes on further auto-immune diseases is assumed and examined intensively.

Co-operations with Medicinal Institutions are welcome.

At all these cases the autologous immunotherapy AHICE was distinguished through exquisitely tolerance and the absence of side-effects by the patients!


For statistical Verification, were needed further more cases to examine. In accordance with that, we are searching for co-operative adequate institutions!


Comment: The active autologous immunotherapy AHICE became developed primarily for active immunological cancer-therapy and cancer-aftercare as autologous vaccine. Also here in this cancer-therapy-field, we have remarkable therapy-successes to record.


Hopeful therapy approaches are at the moment at multiple-sclerosis (MS)-patients ascertainable! 


¹ address of the author:

K-BIO Institute for Cellbiotechnology and Immunology GmbH, Danziger-Str. 1, D-82194 Gröbenzell, Germany

e-Mail: info[at], Internet:, Tel. 08142-4106200, Fax.: 08142-4106202


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