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Leader in immunology research and development (R&D) of active autologous  immunotherapy, autologous cancer vaccine AHICE, against auto-immune diseases, for cancer after-care treatment, and for prevention as well.

We about us

We are a teamwork of specialized scientists - biochemists, immunologists, clinical chemists, physicians, biologists - and lab-technical assistants, coming from biochemical and medical-diagnostic laboratory-field, as well as from Oncology.

Dr. H. Anthopoulos (CEO, scientific supervisor of K-BIO Institute), has searched, explored and cleared up scientifically during his dissertation the “primary humoral immune response on cell- and cell-chromatine-level of human β-lymphocytes” at Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry, Munich, Germany and at Institute for Biochemistry and Physiology, Ludwig-Maximilian University(LMU), Munich.



Fig. 1. Hand drawing from Giemsa-Pappenheim stained smears of lymphoplasma cells of various maturity levels depending on the cell membrane Z potential, isolated fractions from β-lymphocytes, free-flow electrophoresis according to K. Hannig, Max Planck Institute for Protein and Leather Research, Munich, dissertation Dr. Anthopoulos, 1972.

Cell Nos. 2, 3, 4 are IgM, IgG antibody-producing plasma cells, plaque-forming cells, according to results from C14-leucine + H3-thymidine double radio-isotope labeling liquid autoradiography         (dissertation Dr. Anthopoulos, 1972).

Cell Nr. 5 is a mature plasma cell, which schowed no one antibody production activity, in contrast to plasma cell numbers 2, 3 and 4 (during 60 hours cell-culture after antigen-stimulation(sheep erythrocytes), in RPMI 1640 medium, Ph-buffer optimized Anthopoulos).


He has forwarded his scientifically exploration work on clarifying the basic question of "why the autologous immune system shows a significant tolerance* against cancer cells".

*Notice: This* is because cancer cells became autonom and exprime the

       unique intelligence of their DNA to protect themselves against any attack from outside                                                                                                                      (e. g. the autologous immune system), for example via synthesising / expriming molecules, named "receptors", on their outer membrane surface, such like similar "CD-Ligands" at outer membrane of healthy body cells / lymphocytes. Through these mechanisms

     they imitate healthy body cells (⇒ escape mechanisms). Therefore, body´s own immune system ignores them, and cancer cells can establish themselves and grow unrestrainedly.

     This is the main cause of unrestrained growth of cancer parallel to the existence of a healthy immune system.

In the following, Dr. Anthopoulos has developed the active cancer immunotherapy AHICE, targeted against the "de-masked" cancer cells selectively(international patent), after decades of years biochemical / immunological scientific work.

The “autologous human cancer vaccine, cancer immunotherapy AHICE, (special kind of hemodialysis to remove escape mechanisms of cancer cells)" is distinguished by:

  •  highly, cancer cells specificity and therefore,

  •  purposeful cancer immunotherapy with unique selective antigen-detection-ability-intelligence of body´s immune system,
  •  therefore fights cancer-cells not only on the side of  solid tumour, but at all micro metastases everywhere in whole patient´s organism as well,
  •  therefore, the danger of future-formation of metastases or rezidiva is minimised relatively, except of those micrometastases, that emerges through shape changed / differentiated tumourcells (⇒ phenomenon of "Polymorphism") as unrecognised "micro-metastases".
  • Through a followed AHICE-cyclus is possible the further elimination of surviving cancer cells with changed shape.
  • AHICE´s remarkable high efficacy,
  • as cancer immunotherapy AHICE is autologous produced, there are none side-effects possible and until now are not recorded,
  • AHICE increases patient´s quality of life significantly.
  • AHICE belongs to "advanced new therapies" according to "advanced new therapies declaration order of the EC" (ATMP regulation of the EC 1394/2007/EG for advanced somatic cell- and gene-therapies, and application exception of that regulation for AHICE according to article Nr.6).

 Dr. Anthopoulos/K-BIO Institute is active member at international and national societies of immunotherapy, like ISBTC/SITC, BIO-M cluster Munich, Bayern Innovative, ESID, corresponding member to British Society for Immunology BSI a.o..

Co-operations, Investment Inquiries

At this point of view, we are searching for closer co-operation with expert physicians in Haematology / Immunology, or/and for closer cooperation with medicinal clinics/hospitals for their responsible clinical preparation by themselves the autologous vaccine AHICE and application to their exclusively selected cancer patients, according to "advanced new therapies order of the EC "(ATMP Regulation EC 1394/2007/EG for somatic cell- and gene-therapies, Article #6⇒ Exemption for AHICE from the legal regulations / conditions for manufacturing permission.

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