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Authors: K.-H. Regele¹, H. Wutte², H. Anthopoulos³

¹: Private medical ordination for Immunotherapy, Danzigerstr. 1, 82194 Groebenzell, Germany(September 2007→Oktober 2011)

²: Private medical ordination for Immunotherapy, Danzigerstr. 1, 82194 Groebenzell, Germany(1.01.2012→ OctoberOctober 2014

³: K-BIO Institute for Cellbiotechnology and Immunology GmbH, Germany




 Originator: Von User: Lennert B - Original: Image:Male anatomy.pngTranslation by: User:Lennert B, CC BY-SA 3.0,



A patient collective of till now 26 patients with significantly prostate gland cancer, treated with the individual autologous immunotherapy, autologous Vaccine AHICE.

Criteria were: Significantly pathological PSA-free/PSA-total index(< 0,24), physiological immune system (lymphocytes > 1100/µl of venous blood), no conservative therapy parallel to autologous immunotherapy AHICE, no immune suppressiva were in use, such are: analgesics, anti-phlegmonics, cortisole or analoga, anti-epileptics, a. o. m.  

Application having been sub cutan. Every 18 days became a differential blood count as well as the lymphocyte phenotyping, as also the PSA-total and PSA-free plasma concentration and the index PSAfree/PSAtotal* was determined before and after AHICE application.  

Furthermore became analytically quantitative determined the cytokines IFN-γ, sIL-2R, sIL-6R and TNF-a before and after AHICE treatment.  


We always found positive therapy results, depended from individual condition of immune system of the patient before AHICE treatment.

12 patients received a 2nd AHICE treatment.  

a). We found predominantly a steady state condition of the tumour growth at exit lymphocyte values of on an average 1100/µ L and an index PSAfree/PSAtotal about 0,24borderline.  

b). We found a quick symptomatic taking waste, and the significant change of the PSAfree / PSAtotal index up to physiological values - over 0,25 - which is equivalent with remission, mostly over 0,31, and this strongly predominantly when the lymphocyte values were over 1700/µl venous blood (⇒ differential blood count) before AHICE treatment.  

c). We found a significant increase of cytokine sIL-2R, sIL-6R, TNF-a of average > 200% in comparison with the values before AHIZE and a significant increase of cytokine IFN-γ of average >120% into relation to the values before AHIZE. These findings of cytokine increasing after AHICE treatment is an absolute biochemical proof of the targeted positive immune response.  

d). We have found a significant increase of the total lymphocyte concentration (⇒ differential blood count) after AHIZE application in comparison with the values before AHIZE treatment, as well as the increase/change of the index of T4 to the T8 lymphocytes of average > 1.5.  

e). As a broader proof of the targeted positive immune response having been carried out we record the increasing of the Natural killer cells concentration(NKC) and the activated lymphocytes  HLA-DR in venous blood after AHICE in the immune-phenotyping of T lymphocytes.  

Summarising the immunotherapy AHICE results is to notice, that the degree of the targeted positive treatment result is depending on the physiological condition of the endogenous immune system.  

No one of the patients showed side effects, but a significant  increase of quality of life rather reported predominantly, and a vitality as well.  

The autologous Cancer Vaccine AHICE recommends itself as the 1. line immunotherapy due to the extremely positive treatment results for the prostate gland carcinoma.  

Although we have positive immunotherapy outcomes recorded, the circle of prostate gland cancer patients should be enlarged fundamentally to better verifying statistically of these positive treatment results of the autologous immunotherapy AHICE. To reach this, medical institutions are invited for closer cooperation by doctors in a medical institution, clinic, hospital and only for selected patients of them - in accordance with article no. 6 of the ATMP regulation 1394/2007/EC for new advanced somatic-, cell- and gene therapies, where AHICE is relieved of the application of the demands of this regulation.


The liberation of the production permission according to § 13, article no. 2 b German Drug Law(AMG) is given to physicians and for their selected patients. A sale and delivering of AHICE to others is forbidden.


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