Beside the remarkable therapeutic results of autologous vaccine AHICE, since year 2000 until now, on the fields of cancer as also on the field of auto-immune disorders, but on the meaningful field of prevention and anti-ageing too, we believe and wish us, that prerequisite to achieve the aims of our K-BIO Institute absolutely is to generate a

network of co-operating colleagues, international active,

from fields of medicinal-oncology, rheumatology, clinics/hospitals as well, who are willing to prepare by their responsibility and apply autologous cancer immunotherapy, autologous vaccine AHICE to their patients(request licences), accordint to ATMP regulation 1394/2007/EG,Article #6 ⇒ exemption from official manufacturing license for the new advanced immunotherapy AHICE for physicians in hospital or hospital for their autologous patients, compliant with §13, Article 2b German Drug Law AMG.

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    who would support financially our scientific work, which is of highest ethical and most interesting economic level.


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K-BIO, Clinical Biochemical Institute for Cellbiotechnology and Immunology GmbH

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MLC, MediLab-Consulting

Institute for lab-standardisation, lab-accreditation, reagents- and analyzers-supply for Medical-diagnostic laboratories  


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