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Leader in research and development (R&D) of autologous cancer Vaccine, autologous immunotherapy AHICE, against auto-immune diseases(e.g. MS, rheumatoide Arthritis, Morbus Waldenström, Morbus Crohn etc.), and for prevention as well.



QUESTION: What is the autologous Cancer Vaccine AHICE, and what are its unique advantages?


Autologous cancer vaccine AHICE is

   the totality of the complex chain of immune-response reactive substances against the recognised target, in autologous plasma

   of the patient in question (autologous = greek⇒ αυτολογος = from himself), from which the prime material is derived, for processing the cancer vaccine AHICE.

   In this AHICE´s complex totality of immune response reactive substances / reagents* are included physiologically numerous cytokines, chemokines, colony-stimulating-factors(CSF), and specific antibodies against the recognised epitopes of cancer-cells, including also the signal-information of cancer-cell’s membrane altered shape (⇒ naked, unmasked shell without the escape mechanismsmatrix-, antigen-information) pathologically.

   An excess production of these active immune response substances*, depending on the strength and amount of the immune stimulus by the recognized antigen [Ag], is regulated by auto-regulation of the immune system itself. For this purpose, a corresponding amount of (cytokine-) receptors, soluble in blood-plasma, are synthesized and released, which inhibit the over activation or maturation of the (T) lymphocytes (e.g. sIL-2R, sIL-6R etc. →see diagrams below).


These soluble receptors intercept the corresponding T-Cell activating or cell maturating cytokines(e.g. IL-2, IL-6) in advance before they can dock on the corresponding receptors on the cell membrane and trigger corresponding reactions to the inside of the cell! In this way, an overreaction is prevented in a naturally intelligent way or a derailment of the immune response counteracted (=> analysis results of over 3,000 double determinations of cytokines mentioned and their soluble receptors, for example see diagramm 1. sIL-2R and sIL-6R before and after immune response, cancer patients ⇒ sIL-2R or/and sIL-6R content over 200% than before immune response!).




   Autologous human cancer vaccine AHICE is

   won out of patients own blood individually, and is targeted against recognised cancer-cells selectively.


   AHICE is individual cancer immunotherapy choice per excellence.

   Autologous blood (⇒ Greek: αυτολογος = from itself ) immunological treatment against cancer, named AHICE, can also be compared just like a special kind of "hemodialysis" in vitro (⇒ outside of patient´s body), due to eliminate, or de-masking / cleaving biochemically (patent) the cancer-cell-membrane surface receptor-molecules, called escape mechanisms, that are similar but not absolute identical to those on membran surface of healthy body cells.

 At cancer cells are these outer-cellmembrane-molecules altered pathologically¹ and are exprimed from them after spontaneous contact with healthy body cells → well known as escape mimikry or escape mechanisms.


¹as a follow up of chemical or/and viral or/and physical influences, such as radioactivity / radiation of high energetic content of environment on the cell-DNA.
  These exprimed “receptor-molecules” are similar but  not identical bio-/stereo-chemically to those on the membrane surface of contacted healthy body cells.


QUESTION: Why is this de-masking* of the isolated cancer cells necessary?

Because, only in vitro (⇒ outside of body) it is possible to cleave, eliminate the altered membrane receptor molecules on cancer cells, with which they imitate² healthy body cells!

²⇒This intelligent ability of self-protection of cancer cell-DNA against the attack of body´s immune system is  called "escape mechanisms" of DNA or "cell-mimicry"**    - e.g. expression of CD44v*, which is similar to adhesion receptor CD44, which charakterizes T-Lymphocytes!

►  With CD44v* ⇒ variant, cancer cells are able to imitate T-Lymphocytes,  which is a super intelligent self-protection mechanism of cancer cell DNA!

►   A further  escape mechanism is the suppression of interaction of PD-L1 to PD-1 of T-lymphocytes,

►   as well an indirect suppresssion of the T-cell immune response via stimulation of hepatocytes to synthese/produce Prostaglandine E2, which stimulate the proliferation of T8 suppressor Lymphocytes.

There exist further more escape mechanisms, which are well searched scientifically.

Because of this unique intelligence** of cancer cell DNA, these escape mechanisms to imitate healthy body cells, are

    the main cause, why cancer manifests itself subliminally, parallel to the existence of a physiological immune system.

    Only after AHICE´s in vitro"de-masking or uncovering of the disguise"*, the altered shape of cancer cells is being visible, after which body's own immune system becoming able to recognise them (⇒ the naked cancer cells) as differentiated body cells pathologically.

   In the following the immune system reacts spontaneously via the targeted immune response, followed by elimination of recognized cancer cells apoptotically

 - see also the life visualisation of spontaneous immune response, click here → ahize visualisierung (⇒ visible making).


Clinical Studies have shown that this apoptotic process takes place not only on the side of solid tumours, but also at all micro metastases everywhere in the whole organism! This is meaningful, because of elimination the possibility of the appearance metastases in the future,  which is

the unique advantage of autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE, besides the absence of side effects.



In 1995 the German-Carcinoma-Research-Centre(DKFZ), Heidelberg, has examined statistically the therapeutic results earned by application of conservative tumourtherapy on various kinds of tumours. In conclusion of that, conservative cancertherapy (that is the combined application of surgical tumour-removal + radiation + chemotherapy) decreases the surviving chance of cancerpatients down to a level of 5% (Origin: FOCUS, 19, 1995)¹. This alarming bad therapy-result is equal with the global refusal of conservative cancertherapy, which is only trying to fight the symptomatics of carcinoma, applicating celltoxic substances (that have poor cell selectivity-ability), but not against the casualty of establishing carcinoma in patient´s organism. By the force of applicated conservative tumourtherapy( i. e. cytostatics, or radiation, or both) especially patient´s immune-system will be strongly depressed.  In conjunction, bone marrow as stemmcell-reservoir, liver and kidney were damaged on the celltoxic influence of applicated chemotherapy-schemata - radiation- and chemotherapy causes various toxic secondary effects, upon general recognition. In addition, therapy-costs are very high in relation to doubtful therapy-results of  conservative cancertherapy.


QUESTION: What other cancer-therapies, probably more efficient, without side effects, selective active against cancer-cells can fight successful carcinomata over long terms?

Oncology-specialized scientists, all over the world are of one mind, that a successful fight against carcinoma basically will be possible only upon generation of appropriate immunologic cancer-therapyforms*. That means

   the specific activation of patient´s immune-system against the altered cancer cells,

including newest biological, immunological, molecular-biological methods and bio-engineering***.

*** Prof. Harald zur Hausen, DKFZ (→ see webpage, lecture on 29.October 1999, pages 2. and 6.), suggests that the immunological cancer-therapy will be the only one therapeutical method, which will bring now and in the future the most outstanding specific therapeutic effects.

   Quotation:"....The National Cancer Institute of the United States of America(NCI) calls in the early 90ies five main-areas, out of that future pioneering developments for the cancer-research and -therapy have to be expected. These are:

- the immune-biology and the immunotherapy - it meant to be like our autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE -

- the cell-biology,

- the Genes-Science and the Genetics,

- the molecular Epidemiology and

- the Bioinformatics.

K-BIO Institute agrees with that conviction.

Even convinced of the cancer immunotherapy as well, are many scientits around the world, e. g.:

Cassian Yee and colleagues of Fred Hutchinson cancer research centre in Seatle, USA, are at once convinced with that. They report a therapeutic-effect of 80% with their immunological cancer therapy: Welt am Sonntag, 46 (2002), medicine, p. 31.


In this regard published the scientific journal "Science" , quotation:  ".. 2013 .. the greatest and most important discovery..the immunotherapy of cancer.."

 this means the official scientific recognition of cancer immunotherapy!


On that thematics were carried out projects scientifically all over the world over the last three decades of years, to find out suitable cancer-therapy concepts on immunological basis, most of them acing the "dogma" of pharmacy - it meant, to find an agent suitable for fighting cancer, and multiplicate it industrially as a multi-purpose "medicine". On the other hand, this is not immunotherapy, but "chemotherapy" per definitionem!

However, till now, there have been recorded only a few therapeutic successes and only for a few kinds of carcinomata.

   The reason for that failure is due to applicate only one, or a few heterologous (recombinant) synthesised intermediate factors, instead of the whole complex chain of autologous synthesised (⇒ from immune system itself produced) immune-response-working-substances of activation- and auto-regulation chain of patient´s own immune system, including the "information" of altered pathologically matrix of recognized cancer cells!


On this key-relationship, Dr. H. Anthopoulos has developed the target tumourcell specific, active cancer immunotherapy, autologous vaccine AHICE, for active immunotherapy of cancer, cancer-aftercare, for auto-immune diseases and for prevention as well, after a long term of immunological / biochemical scientific research and developmental work.

Autologous Cancer immunotreatment AHICE is involving

   the complex totality of immune-response working substances-chain in autologous blood-plasma, as this is resulted from the specific immune response against recognised cancer cells (international patent), including the specific information of altered shape of recognised cancer cells as well.

   Therefore, autologous immunotherapy AHICE is unique selective against cancer cells and is "personalized cancer immunotherapy per excellence".


  AHICE´s in vivo effectiveness is being proved over clinical trials with co-operative medicinal institutions until now on various carcinomata (⇒ Remissions, mostly, when patiens fullfil the prerequisites for AHICE Vaccine-Processing).


  Also remarkable therapy-results have been achieved on treatment of auto-immune-diseases, such as Hashimoto Thyreoiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Morbus Waldenstroem, MS, Morbus Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa, for example.


  Autologous cancer vaccine AHICE is performed and applied clinical individually, because of autology, by patient´s responsible physician exclusively - according to §13, 2b, German Medicine-Products Law AMG.

Autologous cancer vaccine AHICE belongs to new advanced therapies in accordance with ATMP regulation 1394/2007/EG for new somatic cell and gene therapies, at which the therapeutic effect in vivo is led with a specific immune response.

In accordance with no. 6 of this regulation is AHICE freed from these regulations if it is produced and applied by the physician/doctor for his selected patients in a hospital or α clinic!


K BIO institute is active in applied immunological/ biochemical / physical-chemistry/molecular-biology and radiation-biology research and development (R & D), and on the field of researching further "escape mechanisms" of cancer-cells, as also in educating and organising seminars in immunology, cell-biology, aseptic working procedures according to GMP guideline rules/EC and
German Drugs and Active Ingredients Manufacturing Ordinance AMWHV.


Medicinal institutions/hospitals/clinics/physicians(MD) with the required deeper going immunological knowledges, as well as with the GMP guideline rules/EC and German AMWHV demanded equipment (clean-room facility / immunology and experience in cell-biology / aseptic lab-working), are welcome to acquire licenses to process the autologous cancer vaccine, cancer immunotherapy AHICE for their selected patients in autonomy, and get the allowance to use AHICE clinically

► for grave licence inquiries, please, you are welcome to consult the CEO of K-BIO institute contact 

Because of that autologous Vaccine AHICE is to be established on highest level both ethically and economically as well,  we are quite particularly pleased about turnings to support of our scientific work, as also about scientific co operations  → contact

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CANCER IMMUNOTHERAPY, AUTOLOGOUS VACCINE AHICE, colon-, mamma-, peritoneal-, pancreas-, small-cell-lung-ca., treatment results

* Literature, scientific publication

Authors: H. Anthopoulos* & K.-H. Regele**

*K-BIO Institute for Cellbiotechnology and Immunology GmbH,
Groebenzell, Germany,
**Medical Ordination for Immunotherapy at K-BIO Institute for
Cellbiotechnology and Immunology GmbH, Groebenzell, Germany(-2012)

Autologous human cancer vaccine, autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE is distinguished by its unique selectivity and specificity against recognized cancer-cells not only at the site of solid tumours but everywhere at micrometastases in the whole organism.

The peculiarity of AHICE is the demasking of cancer-cells biochemically prior to cancer vaccine preparation.

Following that the autologous immune system is becoming able to detect circulating cancer cells selectively and eliminates these recognized cancer cells spontaneously.

AHICE is being either sub cutan or i.v. administered.

Before and after AHICE were examined:

A differential blood count, an immune-phenotyping of lymphocytes, the related tumor markers, TNF-a-, IFN-γ blood-plasma concentrations.

At the end of AHICE treatment the tumor situation was examined (MRI, CT or/and PET scan).

 Results e.g.

  • colon-ca. overcomes 15 years, is still living without neoplasies ⇒ REMISSION (MRI).

  • pancreas ca. after surgery have had a rest life prolongation of over 9 years, instead approximately 6 months with or without conservative therapy!

  • peritoneal multifocal cancer in June 2004 have had REMISSION (CT!) after the 1st AHICE cycle, is still living without neoplasies >15 years (MRI).

  • breast ca. overcomes the 5 years living without neoplasies at best quality of life.                                                           

  • A small-cell lung-ca., male patient (two brain metastases, condition after radiation treatment, surgery of the lung tumours).

    After AHICE: No more neoplasies were noticed in the lung, liver and one brain-meta was melted down (over 2 years AHICE treatment-observation). The second brain-meta showed only a small active peripheral region, agent incorporating area (PET scan). Excision of the tumor was carried out. Immunohistochemically showed multiple necrotic cells and increased CD56+ on cells (⇒ Natural Killer Cells NKC´s), as this is the proof of the in vivo brain effectiveness of AHICE!      

  • Melanoma, >5 years living at best living qulity, without any neoplasies till now and other Ca.´s more.


In conclusion we can refer that after a previous demasking of cancer cells, and the following spontaneous immune response, resulting in the production of complex totality of all immune response working substances, including the antigen information of altered cells pathologically, the so activated autologous immune system is the significant point of reference for successful cancer therapy.


Care must be taken to keep immune system on  physiological level during autologous Immunotherapy by avoiding of any other medication, which is well known suppriming it, such as cortisole or its analoga, dexamethasone, analgesics, antiphlegmonics, antiepileptics etc..

This Abstract was published in:
Abstracts of the Annual Congress of the British Society for Immunology, 5–8 December 2011, J. Immunology, P. 830
Liverpool, UK, Editor Daniel Altmann, J. Immunology, Volume 135, Suppl. 1, December 2011, The Journal of cells, molecules, systems and technologies.


Further literature:

1. "Spezialeinheit auf Mordmision", M. Zöller et Al. "der Spiegel", 35, 230, 1992

2. "Participation in normal immune responses of a metastasis-inducing splice variant of cd 44", M. Zöller et al., "Science", Vol. 257, 682, 31. July, 1992.

3. "PD-L1 Expression Correlates with Tumour-Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer
", Wimberly H, Brown JR, Schalper K, Haack H, Silver MR, Nixon C, Bossuyt V, Pusztai L, Lannin DR, Rimm DL, Cancer Immunol Res. 2015 Apr;3(4):326-32. doi: 10.1158/2326-6066.CIR-14-0133. Epub 2014 Dec 19.



pancreatic cancer and autologic immunotherapy , autologic vaccine ahice. innovative advanced pancreatic cancer immunotherapy ahice, without side effects

scientific, opinions, therapeutic achievements




Clinical Trail, scientific publication ***.








Johannes Anthopoulos *, K. Papapolychroniadis **, D. Paramythiotis, P. Makrantonakis, J. Papapolychroniadou, L. Papaefthymiou, E. Fahantidis




* K-BIO, Clinical Biochemical Institute for Cellbiotechnology and Immunology, Germany

** First Propedeutic Surgical Clinic of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece, Department of Medical Oncology- First Medical Clinic- Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece


In this scientific work **** we report the basic elements of autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE , and the findings of its clinical application in a series of eight (8) patients with pancreatic cancer.



Schematic presentation. Source: Blausen_0698_PancreasAnatomy_deutsch.png


Materials and Method

Treatment of raw material (⇒ sample of autologous peripheral, venous blood of the patient)


► Initially, the superficial "mantle" (false Receptors, escape mechanisms) of molecules from the cancer cells is biochemically eliminated ⇒ necessary preparation, because with this surface mantle of molecules, cancer calls can imitate healthy cells of the body! Due to this intelligent escape mechanism or self-protection of cancer cells, they are not recognized and are not eliminated by the immune system, despite its detection potential, which is unique in its kind.


This mantle of mimics of healthy cells is the main cause of the unimpeded spread of cancer in the patient's body.


► After the removal of that mantle ⇒ mimicry molecules of healthy cells , the so "de-masced" cancer cells are recognized as pathologically mutated cells by the immune system, spontaneously.


► Then, during the spontaneous immune response, a number of characteristic active substances (Cytokines, Chemokines, Colony-Stimulating Factors, Antibodies, etc.) are synthesized by the patient's own immune system, which include the information of the "matrix", i.e. the altered form of recognized cancer cells (that information is stored in long-term memory T-lymphocytes, CD 45 RO +, but it is immediately lost after the use of analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-selective, anti-contraceptive drugs, cortisol and its analogues and cytostatic drugs).


►This complex set of active substances of the immune response plus the "matrix" information of the cancer cells in the patient's autologous plasma is the autologous AHIZE vaccine.


► After in vivo administration, this matrix of information is transferred to the autologous patient's immune system.


► After application of AHICE vaccine, the immune system knows against which "enemy, antigen" (⇒ cancer cell) should direct its selective apoptotic activity, and to eliminate it, which is


 the key, main, selective advantage of autologous AHICE immunotherapy.


► The duration of each cycle of autologous immunotherapy of pancreatic cancer AHICE was three (3) months (⇒ subcutaneous administration, sub cutan, ambulant therapy). Two (2) patients also received a second cycle of AHICE.



► Prior to AHICE treatment, patients showed a relatively suppressed immune system with ≈ 1100 lymphocytes / l peripheral blood, on average, as a follow-up to previous conservative medication (e.g., use of analgesics, analgesics, and analgesics and chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, etc.).


► After the end of the 1st cycle of AHICE immunotherapy, a significant increase was observed on average ≈ 1780 lymphocytes / µl peripheral (⇒ venous) blood. This is an Improvement and activation of the immune system.


►As an absolute proof, after the 1st cycle AHICE, it was found: 


   Significant increase in the cytokines IL2, sIL-2R, sIL-6R, TNF-α over 200%, and IFN-γ over 120% relative to the blood plasma content before AHICE, which means fully evidence of immunity response.


   None of the patients showed side effects or complications during and after autologous pancreatic cancer immunotherapy AHICE.


► Longer extension of the rest of life over 9 years and the shortest 2 years at a clear improvement in the quality of life of patients, in comparison to ≈ 6 months remaining life with or without conservative treatment, according to the literature!

In one case the treatment was stopped, due to an advanced stage of the disease, with an outflow of ascetic fluid.


The autologous cancer vaccine, autologous cancer immunotherapy AHICE is the selective treatment of pancreatic cancer and is recommended for first-line treatment.

  **** Bibliography: This paper plus four others were published in the 24th annual conference of the International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer ISBTC / SITC published in the Journal of Immunotherapy, Vol. 32, number 9, pages 941, 974, 983


Furthermore scientific informations: 

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